AK grew up in beautiful Littleton, Colorado.  In 2009 he graduated with a BFA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado. He then went on to work on the Academy Award Winning Animated Film, Rango, as well as the Oscar Nominated Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. In May 2013 AK will earn his MFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in directing.  AK has had his work featured in film festivals in New York City, Erie PA, Boulder CO, & Costa Rica.

What is an AK?

An "AK" is many things: a high-powered Russian assault riffle, the largest state within the United States, or, my personal favorite, a Yiddish "old fart."  Thankfully, I am none of these.  But I am a storyteller.  I currently live in the City of Angeles but have the thin blood of a true Colorado Native.  On three occasions I have been called "Egg Head."  Phonetically speaking it's quite similar to "AK."  My last name truly is Hottman, with two "T"s.  Some say it's a blessing, other's say it's a curse. I just like to think that I had really good looking ancestors.  I'm not totally sure how you got here, but I'm thankful that you are.  Let's get coffee sometime.  Or a beer.  I know a few good bars in town.